Get the Facts About the Polluting Fuels Ban

Dear Customers

You may have seen in recent press and news (Such as from the BBC; that changes are taking place and some polluting fuels will be banned for sale. This is in line with Defras’ Clean Air Strategy published in January 2019.

Cornish Firewood only sell kiln dried wood fuel products from our logs and kindling to wood briquettes and charcoal. All our wood fuels are backed by insurance companies and comply with the recent government changes for your piece of mind. We don’t sell seasoned, part seasoned or wet wood so when these government changes come into effect, you can rest assured that if you purchase any of our products you are using the clean alternatives recommend by the Government all with moisture content readings below 20%.

So be sure to order your wood fuel from reputable suppliers like Cornish Firewood. All our wood is moisture tested on every delivery and is always below 20% and most often below 10%.

Cornish Firewood also come highly recommended by chimney sweeps! Wet wood can damage chimneys by allowing tar and soot to build up lowering the life expectancy of the burner and attachments. Using our kiln dried logs you can be confident your cosy, warm home is in safe hands!

If you have any questions or wish to sample our wood fuel give us a call on 01209 899301 or email