What we do

Cornish Firewood are foresters and wood fuel processors.

We sell Wood Fuels…

Cornish Firewood sells wood fuels, logs, kindling, briquettes, pellets and much more.

All sold with a money back satisfaction guarantee and service with a smile. Don’t forget our 10% loyalty discount for returning customers.

We fell timber…

Cornish Firewood manages local woodlands where we promote the healthy growth of native tree species such as English Oak, Holm Oak, Ash, Beech, Horse Chestnut and Birch. The majority of our work involves the forestry process of thinning as opposed to clear fell of a site. We would only clear fell where the woodland is dead, diseased or dying and we work closely with the Forestry Commission who issue licences for such work. This means our customers can be confident our felling is authorised, controlled and sustainable.

We use fully qualified and insured personnel who adopt the safe due diligent work practises in their work, thoroughly enjoy what they do and do so using the most up to date equipment, techniques and procedures when felling and thinning.

In undertaking our own woodland management we ensure we have a constant supply of timber for our wholesale and domestic customers, can better control costs of raw material timber and reduce our carbon footprint by sourcing locally. Travelling less road miles, using local companies for haulage or our own transport and employing a local workforce makes us proud that we are contributing to our local economy and creating a sustainable wood fuel supply.

We move timber…

Cornish Firewood supply bulk cordwood loads of softwood and hardwood throughout the UK either by artic load or on an 8 wheeler lorry and trailer. We supply to other firewood processors local and national, sawmills and to farms and business who process their own wood fuel.

We have good lead times on delivery and offer green and some seasoned timber cordwood at competitive prices. Call us for a quote on roadside prices 01209 899301 or email sales@cornishfirewood.co.uk

We sell timber…

Cornish Firewood sells wood to firewood processors and sawmills; hardwoods and softwoods and cater for different specifications on top diameter and lengths. Loads available in 10, 18 or 26 tonnes.

Timber is most often recently felled but we do have some more seasoned product available. Call for an updated list of what we have available or email sales@cornishfirewood.co.uk

We process timber…

Cornish firewood sell to wholesale and domestic customers locally and nationally. Premium quality firewood felled, processed and dried in Cornwall* (* Where possible). We offer a first rate delivery and stacking service and a money back guarantee on all our products to give you confidence of purchase.

The science of drying wood is complex and we have designed and built our own kilns for this purpose, running on biomass waste and fuels. Having developed our process for many years you can be assured your logs will be dry and ready to burn.

Our logs are all split, dried and bagged. This offers convenience of delivery and handling whilst giving a consistent load every time you order. Feedback from customers is that they feel confident buying from us knowing what their money has bought them. Loose loads traditionally delivered cannot always offer this.

This is not just firewood it’s Cornish Firewood… premium quality, consistently dry, sustainably sourced and delivered in easy to handle loads.

We use our wood waste…

We use our wood waste to make wood pellets to sell and use in our biomass boiler. Nothing is ever wasted at Cornish Firewood as every part of the tree is used with the best wood being used for furniture and flooring, waste sawdust used to create efficient low moisture wood pellet fuel, and wood bark used for mulch in woodlands or for compost; even the foliage can be used in floristry.