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Open Fire Bundle

£115.75 £99.00 Inc VAT

This bundle includes:

  • 20 bags Kiln Dried Mixed split logs 50% Softwood, 50% Hardwood all below 20% moisture content
  • 1 10kg pack of 12 Premium RUF Briquettes gives extra heat and helps make your load go further
  • 1 pack of Natural Eco Firelighters for simple ignition
  • 1 bag of Large Kiln Dried Softwood Kindling will help get your fire started and up to temperature quickly

* Your hardwood will be a mixture of Ash and Birch

Kiln Dried Hardwood (Silver Birch) Logs × 5

  • 100% quality assured Premuim kiln dried Birch hardwood.
  • Average moisture content below <18%
  • Kiln dried Birch logs give the ultimate clean burn with maximum heat output with a fantastic flame
  • Long lasting & high heat

Kiln Dried Hardwood (Ash) × 5

  • 100% quality assured premium kiln dried Ash hardwood.
  • Average moisture content below <20%
  • Kiln dried Ash logs give the ultimate clean burn with maximum heat output.
  • Long lasting & high heat
  • Our Flagship Product - The Best of the Best !!

Softwood × 10

  • Our softwood lights easily and burns hotter/faster
  • Packed in convenient poly bags to reduce mess
  • Average moisture content of 20%
  • Guaranteed Dry and ready to burn!

* All softwood currently comes in a netted bag

Eco Firelighters

  • Made from Miscanthus grass and recycled candle wax
  • Suitable for open fires, log burners, barbecues and all other appliance lighting applications.
  • These lighters produce a strong flame without the unpleasant smell

Each box contains 30 cubes. Package Dimensions: 170x90x90mm.

Premium RUF Briquettes

  • Long burning time and high heat output
  • Less than 10% moisture content and 1% Ash residue.
  • Can be used as a substitute for kiln dried logs
  • Perfect to compliment alongside our kiln dried logs for an even longer, hotter fire.

Kiln Dried Kindling

  • Clean & easy to store
  • Below 12% Moisture content
  • Bags weigh approx 8kg
Large - £6

A great value way to buy your firewood products. With everything you need to light a cosy warm fire this Winter.

Ideal for those who are new to burning firewood, or those looking to save a few pounds by making their firewood load go further.

About our logs

Our logs are split to 25cm (9 inches) and fit most wood burners and stoves. Hardwood and mixed loads will include: Oak, Ash, Birch hardwood and Larch softwood as these are local to us. Our kiln dried mixed logs are dried to a moisture content average below <20% and our drivers will demonstrate these readings on delivery. We offer a money back satisfaction guarantee. You receive a consistent quantity and volume every delivery. Kiln Dried Hardwood nets weigh approx 12kg each Kiln Dried Softwood nets weigh 8kg each.

Additional information


Bag Size

20 Bags (1m3), 40 Bags (2m3), 60 Bags (Pallet)

Premium RUF Briquettes

Pack Size

Single (10 Pack), Full Pallet (96 x 10kg), Half Pallet (48 x 10kg), Mini Pallet (24 x 10kg)

Kiln Dried Kindling

Bag Size

Large – £6