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  • Woods great clients at Goonglaze happy with their wood too, thanks

    - Jackie from Newquay

  • All in all I really have experienced a great service.

    - Sonya from Newlyn

  • Excellent Service, Superb quality Ash & kiln dried hardwoods

    Barbara from Feock

  • I'm yet again delighted with the service, and great, continuing quality, year after year. Keep it up guys, it's nice to know you can be relied on. Thanks

    Dave from Falmouth

  • Thanks for delivery, thanks to nick for leaving all wood piled neatly.. remembering to close shed door and gate.

    - Ruth from Perranporth

  • I have to say it was a joy to receive logs that were dry and ready for use in our wood burner. Nothing was too much trouble for the man who delivered them, very friendly and helpful.
    I won’t buy my logs anywhere else now.

    - Phil from Newquay

  • We recently had a delivery of your kiln dried firewood and were delighted with the service and quality of the wood

    - Karen from Truro

  • The wood was very good and has been used this weekend. We appreciate the effort that has been put in here and we thank you for that

    Dave from Helston

  • I have been so happy with service & quality - I would NOT trust any other source now, having discovered the supply

    - Ruth (Online)

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