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We are suppliers of Premium Quality Kiln Dried split logs.

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Quality, dry, split seasoned or kiln dried wood

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Welcome to CFW Distribution

We supply Premium Quality kiln dried wood fuel net bagged for your convenience, for home delivery and wholesale.

Cornish Firewood is a low carbon producer of firewood and logs. We produce and supply our own kiln dried firewood available for wholesale and domestic customers delivered locally and nationally. We strongly believe in the use of kiln dried firewood as an efficient carbon nuetral fuel as opposed to fossil fuels. The benefits of kiln dried wood are considerable: 

  • Generates greater heat output
  • Better fuel efficiency
  • More economical
  • Reduced residue and deposits in flues and chimneys
  • Significantly prolongs the life of your burners, boilers and heating systems.  

We supply wood that has been grown, felled and processed in Cornwall or Devon. Our firewood is a quality product that has been ethically sourced meaning we can confidently state that we can supply our customers with firewood for the coming years and all year round. By ensuring a constant sustainable supply of firewood our customers can confidently convert to and invest in biomass fuel boilers and burners for home and business.    

Cornish Firewood are involved with wood from forest to firewood and because we handle each stage of this process we can be certain of quality, providence of product and keep costs low and prices fair. We have invested heavily in the local area meaning we use less transportation and avoid importing, helping us to be a Low Carbon Business working towards a Carbon Neutral fuel. 

We live in an age where natural resources are once again deemed as precious but yet the demand for these is as great as ever. Our hunger and need for energy means unless we ensure such natural resources are sustainable we will simply run out. Consumers are increasingly turning to sustainable wood in the search for environmentally friendly renewable energy resources. Cornish Firewood provides premier sustainable kiln dried firewood logs and kindling.

Biomass fuels have their place to play in the need for energy and as well as providing heat energy are becoming increasingly credible as a fuel source both in domestic households and in business. Cornish Firewood has based its company ethos and mission upon such principles. We work with estates and local woodland owners in Cornwall and Devon to encourage landowners to invest in woodland crops, ensure existing woodlands and forests are well managed where previously neglected and create long term replanting schemes. Cornwall has the lowest area of woodland of any County in the UK and that which it does have is largely neglected. Current demand exceeds supply. Cornish Firewood prides itself on operating locally to both sustain local employment and a fuel supply for wholesale and domestic markets.


  • Thanks for delivery, thanks to nick for leaving all wood piled neatly.. remembering to close shed door and gate.

    - Ruth from Perranporth

  • Woods great clients at Goonglaze happy with their wood too, thanks

    - Jackie from Newquay

  • All in all I really have experienced a great service.

    - Sonya from Newlyn

  • We recently had a delivery of your kiln dried firewood and were delighted with the service and quality of the wood

    - Karen from Truro

  • I have been so happy with service & quality - I would NOT trust any other source now, having discovered the supply

    - Ruth (Online)

  • I have to say it was a joy to receive logs that were dry and ready for use in our wood burner. Nothing was too much trouble for the man who delivered them, very friendly and helpful.
    I won’t buy my logs anywhere else now.

    - Phil from Newquay

  • The wood was very good and has been used this weekend. We appreciate the effort that has been put in here and we thank you for that

    Dave from Helston

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Opening hours: 9am - 5pm Mon-Fri

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Wheal Concord, Skinners

Bottom, Blackwater, Redruth TR16 5DZ

Tel: 01209 899301